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Mother’s Day Week at a glance.

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

This week was so exhausting, fulfilling, exciting, and challenging all thrown together as my Mother’s Day Special Week. I really feel that I accomplished what I set out to do which was to celebrate moms by giving them some great photos with their kids. In the interest of trying to make it easier for the moms (and more challenging on me as I found out) I gave them full control over time, day, location and in some ways style. With my desire to be accommodating I was met with lighting challenges, location challenges and the usual kid challenges. To say I grew as a photographer and person is probably not saying enough about the week, however it was fun, fun, fun and I am in love with so many of the images that I was able to get. I was intentionally trying to get a few “typical” portraits and some fun ones as well. Here are some of my favorites for different reasons.

We were going for an Anthropologie antique sort of feel with these next images.

Newborn Baby Girl (4 days old)

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Oh my gosh!!!  What can I say?  I had the best time with this little angel today.   This little girl is the newest addition to a family that I have photographed for the last several years.  It has been a joy to watch as their family grows.   The parents almost had to kick my out because I didn’t want to stop. She and her big brother were adorable.  Here is one of my favorite maternity shots of the mom before she came and then a few of baby “A” just 4 days old.

Seeing me out......still taking pictures.

Seeing me out......still taking pictures.