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Engagement Session

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

What a change from photographing families and kids.  I actually got to use my directing and posing skills today and it was so much fun.  Vanessa and Sal were such a wonderful couple and we chose Balboa Park to take some engagement photos for their “Save the Date” card.  Everyone and their brother was at the park this day and we saw at least 8 brides and 2 dozen photographers.  Luckily Balboa Park has so many gorgeous and interesting spots to shoot.  We found some really nice ones that weren’t crawling with people and got some beautiful images.  Here’s a peek.

Family Beach Day ends in Disaster

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

I hesitated to add this entry but felt I needed to in order to warn EVERYONE out there about an unexpected danger.  I will start by sharing a little bit of our lovely beach photo shoot.  It was a beautiful day with a family and twin 5 year old boys and yellow lab Duke.  We had already finished with most of our “on the beach play” when we headed up to the porch where the hammock was.  Some of you are already shuddering I would think if you know something that I didn’t know.  Anyway after the last shot …I mean I was done….the family of 4 that was all in the hammock together decided to do a big swing.  The board attached to the column that the hammock was bolted to, ripped from the column ( an 8 foot board) and smacked the mom in the face.  All of them fell hard onto cement and she smacked her head.  One of the little boys hurt his hand a little but was more upset about his mom when he saw the blood.  Yes, there was a good amount of blood.  Needless to say I was horribly upset as her husband drove her off to the hospital.  No one but me, blamed me.  After all it wasn’t my house or hammock but I did have them get in it.  I guess the beach air is not kind to wood and nails and maybe having a hammock over cement is not such a great idea…..  AND the guidelines for hammock safety probably include DO NOT put 4 people in this hammock unless you want something bad to happen.  I have to say that the photos turned out beautifully and her face is nothing a plastic surgeon and a great cosmetic dentist can’t fix…….I’m only half kidding. 🙁  Hammocks are B-A-D.