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Holiday and Family Photos Gearing Up!

Monday, September 28th, 2009

I really wanted to get started early this year on Holiday photos and cards. If I have bugged you about getting on the books for early October…you know who you are. Last year I was designing cards and placing rush orders way too late for anyone’s comfort. I wish I could say that we have done our family photos and card already but sadly we have not. I have set the date for ours for October 11th.

Anyway, I got to photograph one of my favorite families (and neighbors) and we got a jump on their Holiday photos this weekend. We took some simple easy shots on their front porch and they turned out really nice. Even their dog Cami got to be center of attention.

Adopt Myles!!!!

Monday, September 21st, 2009

I have had it in my heart to get this awesome dog a home since I first met him last week.  His name is Myles (or that is what the shelter calls him but it fits him) and he is the COOLEST schnauzer mixed breed.  Myles is less than 2 years old and is a spunky, sweet, small- medium sized great dog.  I got to meet with him today and he was chasing the ball and played tug-of -war with a rag but was just as happy to sit beside me in the shade.  I have visited the center two times and he has never barked, just wags his long tail.  He has the most hysterical big ears and stands in ballet first position with his front paws.  They really don’t have any information on Myles just that he was transferred from another shelter in LA due to overcrowding.  Since most people only want puppies (don’t know why because they chew everything and require lots and lots of extra work) Myles has been overlooked time and time again.  He has been at the Helen Woodward Center in San Diego for 5 weeks. He is a Schnauzer mixed breed and Schnauzers don’t shed which is a plus.  They are also generally good companion dogs.  I have 3 in my life and still have my 3rd who is going on 14 years old.  He is also great with other dogs.  He has a roommate, a Chihuahua pug blend and they get along famously.  There is no reason why this sweet little dog should be at the center for 5 weeks.  He needs a family.  As always he will need some kind of training to fit in with you or you family.  Noone really knows his habits and what he is capable of but that is the same for any age dog and breed.

I am sad that we are truly unable to add him to our family at this time but if you or anyone you know is PLEASE PLEASE contact the Helen Woodward shelter in San Diego See the Center Here