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The Official photographer for 92127 magazine highlighting our local fire station.

Monday, December 14th, 2009

For the last few months I have worked with a group with Susco media and publisher Derrick Breaux on a local publication.  It is an informative full color local magazine with articles and pieces of interest on the kids, families and businesses in the 92127 area code.  The first issue was out in November and it is a bi-monthly magazine which means the next is due out at the beginning of January.  I have been shooting some of the images for covers and articles.  You can check out last months issue 92127 magazine and click on the Current issue to see the magazine.  I shot the cover, family photo on page 14, Student star on page 22 and my ad on page 30.

This month I was able to photograph some shots at the local fire station that they will be featuring in the magazine.  It is our fire station less than a mile from my house that was paramount in saving our neighborhood during the fires in October 2007. They are also a training facility so other stations from the surrounding areas come here to train.  I was able to see 3 different stations in action as they put out a “prop” car.  They lit the car and the engines had to come in with their crew and work to put it out and then get the equipment back on the truck.  It was kind of exciting to watch so here are a few photos.  Some of them will be in the article in next months issue of 92127 magazine.

A few more favorites from this holiday card season.

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

I have a few more family group portraits that are some of my favorites from this season along with others I have posted.  When it comes to sending that annual card out, most people want a traditional shot where everyone is looking so all their friends and family can see how much the kids have grown, etc.  That “shot” is easier said than done yet the other kind…non posing, candid photo is even more difficult and takes quite a bit more thought and cooperation from the subjects.  As I grow as an artist and photographer I hope to be able to “create” more of those candid looking moments in a family photo that “work”.  For now I enjoy lighting, working with children and being able to offer something most people are not able to capture themselves, a really nice group shot of their family.  I am honored to be a part of helping capture so many families memories.

Neighbors make good babysitters especially when your 6 year old son thinks they are cute!

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Our neighbors whose beautiful twin girls have babysat for us on occasion asked if I would help them out with their holiday card this year.  We were a little rushed for time but found a time we were all available and got some shots for a card that I designed for them.   After a few emails back and forth with design ideas and tweaking with my neighbor, we ordered them and they arrived in 2 days.  That was smoking fast especially this time of year when everyone is running behind.

I really love custom designing cards and did many this season.  I hesitate to show them in my blog only because I think they are personal to the families and have their names and heartfelt greetings on there.  I will show you some of the photos from the shoot however.

Two beautiful kids and their puppy

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

On the note of never knowing what you are going to get when working with kids…..multiply that by 10 when you add the family pet in the mix.  Luckily I have always had dogs, love them and think I am pretty good with them.  With that being said when I spoke to this mom on the phone and she said she had a 3 year old, 6 year old and a 4 month old puppy, I was a little worried.  I had never met the kids , or puppy for that matter until the moment they arrive on the scene.

I had a plan on working with the puppy to get her finished first and then have the mom take her to the car.  I had all my squeaky toys and my assistant and I was ready.  What I was not ready for was the park rangers arriving on a tractor after the first shot out of the camera (literally) to tell me there was a fee for professional photographers at this park.  I really should have checked because I know many parks operate this way but I had been to this park MANY times and noone ever said anything.  Absolutely my bad.  Anyway he agreed to let me take a few more but by that point I was thrown and nervous.

I did manage to get wonderful shots of these kids because they were so cooperative.  They were both like little dolls with great smiles. (One with a toothless smile which I love) I guess I didn’t show the fact that I was flustered or they were just that easy going because we had a really good time.  Here are a few shots and we did get a great one with the puppy before she had to go to the car.