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Dressy Holiday Family

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

I just added this card (Dec. 27th) because I posted it too soon and almost ruined the family holiday card surprise.  Here is the holiday card which was die- cut and on a pearl paper.  It was gorgeous!!

More Pin-up 40’s girls

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Not to be redundant with these images …even though I love how they turned out…..if you haven’t already seen them on my Facebook, you can “Like” my fan page and get some of my recent updates.  If you haven’t seen these photos on my Facebook fan page, here they are.  Wonderful models, Cynthia McKeag, Meka Richards, and Emily Sherer helped me get these images at a recent seminar in San Diego.

Vintage Pin-Up

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

I had the opportunity to do a fun seminar this weekend and meet some fabulous people.  The 40’s pin-up girls is BACK and 20 or so photographers and 3 adorable models proved it.  With the help of some great hair and make-up stylists, Calumet, The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum, and a lighting guru Jason Holmes, we were taken back in time to the World War II era.

Here is a shot that I had fun playing around with.  Thank you to model Emily Sherer who was extremely professional even though her butt was burning on the plane.

I have more to share as soon as I get permission from the other models.

Inspiring Young Lady

Monday, November 8th, 2010

I had the pleasure of photographing a young lady yesterday that I have been inspired by since I met her over a year ago to photograph her for 92127 magazine. Tehya Foussat was born with a severe form of Spina Bifida.  The doctors informed her parents that she would have “little or no quality of life”.  Her parents did not accept that information and although there have been many bumps in the road, surgeries and a full year of constant pain and being in a wheelchair, Tehya is a thriving young woman, student and cheerleader for her high school.   She is beautiful, kind, and full of life. She and her family started a charity to promote funds for Spina Bifida awareness and aid,  Teyhathon.  Tehya herself continues to work hard and be a positive role model for anyone that has any type of disabilities.  She is incredibly inspiring to those of us with no disabilities as well!!

If you would like to learn more about Tehya and the work that she and her parents are doing to help those with Spina Bifida and others in need click on this link.