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Happy Valentine’s Day and some cheesy Valentines ideas

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Every year my kids help me come up with ideas for their school Valenitines cards.  They are always silly and fun.  We try to coordinate the photos and items that they want to give out.  This year we were not allowed to give out candy (which I am very happy about) so the kids gave out erasers.  Ice cream PUZZLE erasers for her and soccer ball pencil erasers for him.

I design two cards on a standard flat card 4″x5.5 ” which gives us two 2.75″x4″ cards making them perfectly valentines size.  When we receive them from the printing company, we just cut them in half.  Somewhere I actually have small envelopes but couldn’t find them in my stash this year so we just tied them to the bags with erasers.