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Do you know an aspiring model?

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

I had the joy of working with an 8 year old “model to be” this weekend. She has been pressing her mom with the interest to join the modeling industry and needed some updated photos to gain an agent. I think she has what it takes. She was beautiful and easy to work with, had her own fun ideas and listened and followed directions very well.

After being in the industry on both sides, I know quite a bit about what an agent and also perspective client is looking for and needing to see when choosing a model.  The model must show their personality, ability to use props, ability to move well, whole body, great face and eyes, and different looks in expression, hair and clothing…..all in just a few shots.  The photos for these types of shots need to be clean and all about the model and less about the artistry of the image.  Of course the images need to be beautiful and show the model at their best.  Most models starting out need these types of images for their ZED card/comp card and need to gain experience in front of the camera with a professional photographer.  If you are an aspiring model or have one on your house, I can give you more direction and information, including how to gain an agent.

Here are more of this beautiful 8 year old.