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4S Ranch Ace Hardware-not your ordinary hardware store

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

I have just completed a job that I did for Ace Hardware for their Corporate Annual Report.  The stores and owners in particular are to be highlighted in the next annual report for high sales and customer service. I was actually contacted about doing the job from an Ace Hardware representative who found my info on the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) website  here . I was thrilled and a little surprised because of my “Children and Families” site.  Anyway it was even better because the majority of the shots were to be taken at the Ace Hardware 1 mile from my house.  Anyway if you live in the 92127 area you MUST shop at this hardware store.  The store along with 2 others in southern California are owned by the nicest family.  Interestingly enough the 3 daughters along with their parents own and operate the stores.  It is far from a stuffy hardware store stocking hammers and electrical wires…though they have those too.  There is a large part of their store that has a boutique flare with tons of great gifts, house ware decor and even watches in fun colors(which I bought one and a much needed battery tester).  You can stop in and buy a baby shower gift (they have Little Giraffe blankets), pick up some home accents and have some popcorn.  (I forgot to mention the fresh popcorn you get for free when you come in the door)

If you didn’t think you were the hardware type, this store will surprise you and you will be back.

Kelly Hollingsworth-VP Merchandising, Bill Griffin-CEO, Sharon Griffin-CFO, Stacey Jess-VP Marketing, Shannon Carney-President

Kelly Hollingsworth-VP Merchandising, Bill Griffin-CEO, Sharon Griffin-CFO, Stacey Jess-VP Marketing, Shannon Carney-President


Monday, April 19th, 2010

I had the opportunity the other day to photograph some phenomenal dancers.  These girls are quite accomplished and compete for their studio’s dance team.  They are seniors this year and are both pursuing their interest in dance when they head to college.

When I first heard about the opportunity I had old flash backs of my previous dance career and print ads where I was dancing or jumping in some form or another.  I couldn’t wait to take these photos of the girls.  Unfortunately what I had in mind was not going to work out based on the fact that it was super cloudy and we didn’t have the light required to do jumping like I had hoped.  I switched gears, dragged out my lighting and we got some beautiful and intriguing shots as the dark clouds rolled in.

92127 Magazine second issue.

Friday, January 1st, 2010

The second issue of 92127 magazine has been distributed!!  I am excited to share it because the firefighter page turned out really cool and the family photo looks great.  You’ll have to go to the “View Current Issue”  and look at the firefighter page and cover or click here and then go to page 20.   You can see the magazine and family photo by clicking on the highlighted links here. This issue I did the photos for the cover, cover story, family and Civil Disobedience ad.

The Official photographer for 92127 magazine highlighting our local fire station.

Monday, December 14th, 2009

For the last few months I have worked with a group with Susco media and publisher Derrick Breaux on a local publication.  It is an informative full color local magazine with articles and pieces of interest on the kids, families and businesses in the 92127 area code.  The first issue was out in November and it is a bi-monthly magazine which means the next is due out at the beginning of January.  I have been shooting some of the images for covers and articles.  You can check out last months issue 92127 magazine and click on the Current issue to see the magazine.  I shot the cover, family photo on page 14, Student star on page 22 and my ad on page 30.

This month I was able to photograph some shots at the local fire station that they will be featuring in the magazine.  It is our fire station less than a mile from my house that was paramount in saving our neighborhood during the fires in October 2007. They are also a training facility so other stations from the surrounding areas come here to train.  I was able to see 3 different stations in action as they put out a “prop” car.  They lit the car and the engines had to come in with their crew and work to put it out and then get the equipment back on the truck.  It was kind of exciting to watch so here are a few photos.  Some of them will be in the article in next months issue of 92127 magazine.