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Dressy Holiday Family

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

I just added this card (Dec. 27th) because I posted it too soon and almost ruined the family holiday card surprise.  Here is the holiday card which was die- cut and on a pearl paper.  It was gorgeous!!

Ornament made from Holiday Cards

Friday, January 1st, 2010

I know I normally put up new photos that I have taken but I have been on vacation.  I could of course show you the thousands of photos of my family that I took over the holidays but then…you may be bored.  I thought I would share with you though a nice craft to do, possibly with kids, that can use all those beautiful holiday cards that you received from friends and family.  One of my best girl friends said that she saves them all in a drawer from all the previous years.  OK, for those of us who already have a heaping mound of other things we already need to throw away and are running out of storage space….here is the craft.

1.Take your favorite spots on your cards (photo paper cards do not work well) trace around a circle.  A shot glass works perfectly (please don’t judge) and for those of you who don’t have one lying around, any circle will work.  The smaller the circle, the smaller the finished ornament you will have.

2. Cut out 20 perfect circles.  (I had my kids cut largely around and then I did the fine cutting on the traced edge.)

3. Turn up 3 edges on the circle.  It helps to have already cut out an equilateral triangle from cardboard or plastic to wrap your circle around.

4. Glue the top 5 on two sides to each other making a pin wheel type shape.  The next 10 are the middle and the last 5 are the bottom (or top depending on which way you start)

5. Before glueing the top pinwheel together, insert a ribbon for hanging.

TIPS:  It helps if you have some little office clips or potato chip clips to hold the pieces together while drying.

This year I made sure to incorporate some of the families names from their cards as you can see from the photos.  I really enjoy getting the cards and looking at them through the holidays.  This way I can enjoy them when I hang them up next year.  We have 4 now from 2006, 2007, 2008, & 2009.

I hope you haven’t already thrown those cards away but if you have, you can try this next year.