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I love the newborns!!!!

Monday, July 6th, 2009

I did these shots last week but the fourth of July and having the kids home for summer has made it difficult to catch up…however…I really wanted to share this little guy and his sister with you.

The parents hoped to get a shot of the siblings together but the little girl was 18 months old and ready for a nap and not really having the whole photo op scenario.  I just gave her space while trying to get her used to me.  After moving her several times and trying to see if she would participate, she fell asleep.  The possible opportunity to get both kids sleeping TOGETHER was too much and I had to try it.  After a failed attempt, the parents were able to set them together on the beanbag and we got some great shots.  Sleeping kids are just angels aren’t they??

Newborn Baby Girl (4 days old)

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Oh my gosh!!!  What can I say?  I had the best time with this little angel today.   This little girl is the newest addition to a family that I have photographed for the last several years.  It has been a joy to watch as their family grows.   The parents almost had to kick my out because I didn’t want to stop. She and her big brother were adorable.  Here is one of my favorite maternity shots of the mom before she came and then a few of baby “A” just 4 days old.

Seeing me out......still taking pictures.

Seeing me out......still taking pictures.