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Photo Tips Back Again

Monday, January 24th, 2011

I used to put photo tips up for all of you but didn’t realize that you ACTUALLY read them until someone told me this weekend “I used to love your photo tips”.  Well at least one person liked them so I thought I would give you some more.  Many of you have really nice cameras and could be helped with a little advice.

This information will be helpful if you have kids age about 1 1/2- 3 and sometimes older.  You know the age…when they want to be independent and your agenda is NOT theirs. Simply follow your child and SUPPRESS the desire to call their name.  Children at this age want to feel independent but still want your support and recognition.  If they know you are there and constantly looking at them because you are excessively calling their name and asking them to “Look Up”, “smile”, “Look at me” they will NOT look up.  They know you are watching them, therefore they have no need to check on you to make sure.  If you watch them quietly (through the lens I recommend) they will eventually look up to make sure  you are paying attention because they want to share their experience.  Often they will flash you a smile and hold up or show you what they have just discovered.

Be patient.  One great picture outweighs 100 bad ones.

Here are a few shots of my daughter at “that age”.  We threw her in a field and watched.

You will also get some natural expressions as they explore.  Good lighting and camera knowledge also help!:)

I hope this information helps!

Photo Tip #5 Follow Quietly

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

This tip is for parents that really want photos of their kids BEING kids.  The key here is patience but it will pay off.  You will not get natural happy playful child like emotions captured in a photo if you constantly talk and chit chat and ask the child to look up and smile.  Simply follow them quietly for awhile.  I promise you that they will look up right at you often to see if you are there and to make sure that you are looking at them.  This is especially true for the little ones.  There is no need to call their name, just be patient and you will get to watch (and photo) all the wonderment that goes a long with exploring.  I enjoyed watching this little one explore the other day.