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Dancing on the playground.

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

I was at a meeting at the school last weekend and caught this little girl dancing with paper streamers on the playground.  The adults were in the meeting and the kids were playing and when I saw her dancing and the light in her hair, I abruptly excused myself and grabbed my camera.  I was inspired by the fun she was having and wishing I could go back to the simple joys of childhood.  Her mom said it was OK to share these with you so I hope you like them too.

San Diego Futsal Camps for “Soccer” skills

Friday, July 30th, 2010

If your child is in to soccer and you want to give them a great opportunity, you must try FUTSAL.  Coached by two amazing soccer and futsal coaches, Mario Mrakovic and Steve Leacock (Steve-o) your kid will learn from two of the best.  In Futsal as it compares to soccer a lower bounce ball is used and it is played on a basketball court.  Where I am all for the amount of running that is involved with soccer, if you want your kid to REALLY learn soccer skills, this is the best way to do it.  The kids get more foot ON the ball time, more scoring opportunities (which builds confidence) and more passing practice.  The sport of Futsal is scheduled for the 2012 Olympics and is a pro sport in most other countries.  Where it was a new sport for us to try, it is not a new sport to the world.

See their website here

See the kids on KUSI San Diego here.  It is at the end of the sports cast about the last minute and a half.

Here is my son in action and the coaches Mario and Steve-o